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Welcome to D’ Organica Garden Shoppee

Hello Everyone,

I take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our journey with D’ Organica and I am really delighted to introduce our brand new website along with the online store. We are providing all the Garden materials at affordable price and is of good quality.

Recently I have been working on renewing my garden which almost done with a setup of Organic Terrace Garden, Shade net/Green house effect, automated drip irrigation system, grafted fruit garden, a small herbal garden and as well as a full setup of hydroponics system.

To be honest, I have setup the entire services provided by D’ Organica in the terrace of our beautiful home. All are welcome to visit our garden(only on prior appointment basis).

If you want to set up a garden with any type of plants, you name it we get it. We have all sorts of ayurvedic plants as well. Even we will setup grafted fruit varieties of plants in grow bags.

We have not only setup garden for large space, also we do take projects which involves in setting up of balcony garden in apartments. We will plan and utilize the space in such a way that you can enjoy your tea in your beautiful garden.

Our intention is that every family should have a garden. Don’t worry… we wont make you buy lots of stuffs for maintenance… we also do scheduled maintenance service as well.

So if you still hesitate… just buy one small pot and a potting mix from our store and plant a seed. You will be thrilled and excited when the seed starts to germinate….

Happy Gardening!!!

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